Knitting Subscription, box of knitting delivered to your door.
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The newest patterns, newest notions and newest videos.

A box of knitting fun delivered to your door

New pattern and tip sheet.

Monthly or a one time delivery

A Knitting Subscription or one time Delivery that includes:

  1. 4-6 knitting notions

  2. Hot off the press, new pattern (pdf as well as hard copy) BEFORE it’s offered on Ravelry, Etsy or Olio Knits.

  3. Handy tip sheet geared toward pattern

  4. Video(s) that will guide you through the pattern

  5. Opt for a one time delivery or a subscription

  6. A complimentary copy of “How to Knit”

  7. Just add yarn !

Check out Jen from Train Track Fibers open her subscription box!

All the fun delivered straight to your doorstep.




Select a one time delivery or choose a subscription, cancel anytime.


Boxes ship around the 10th of the month.